Antique Car Shows
By Thomas Morva

The history of cars is also the history of human advancement. Cars first gave man the freedom to go long distances on his own, leading to improvement in communication and transportation and, in turn, leading to the development of culture and society. It is for this reason, as well as the fact that old cars were different to look at than the cars that are available today. Antique cars are always a head turner anywhere in the world.

Antique car shows are hence quite popular with all strata of society. People go to antique car shows to see these wonderful machines and get a glimpse of how the past was. Antique car shows are held almost anywhere where people have antique cars to display. Such car shows become a thing of pride, not just for the people who own them, but also for the cities where these car shows are held.


Antique car shows in most cities of the U.S. have become an annual affair with a particular day in the year earmarked for the shows. Owners of antique vehicles maintain and decorate their vehicles for this special day. People mark this day on their calendars and come from far off places to witness the event and be a part of the show.

Such shows have become festivals of sorts, carnivals where the vehicles are paraded and where onlookers praise the cars and their owners.

Antique car shows have also become an integral part of international and national car shows. These cars are highlighted to showcase the history of cars and their advancement over the years. Often in such shows, people come with the specific intention of seeing the cars restored to their pristine glory.

Antique car shows in America are a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. They are mostly conducted by enthusiastic members of various clubs in conjunction with car manufacturers and the local population.

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