Book Values For Classic Cars
By Candis Reade

Do you possess a vintage car? Do you have classic cars hanging around in your garage? If you do, then this article is for you. Always remember that, you need to know how much the value of your car is. You might need to sell or trade your car in months time. The best thing to do is to do an appraisal for your classic car. Book values for classic cars differ and there are things to consider such as the car maker, years, condition of the car and the engine.

Book values for classic cars indeed differ according to the ones I indicated in my previous statement. The pricing of a classic car would vary on the kind of classic car you own like if its a collectible car, a special interest car, an exotic car, a classic truck or van or SUV, a muscle car, a sports car, a luxury car or a classic passenger car. As they say, the older the classic car, the higher the book value is. It actually depends on the customer who would want to buy it. For sure, you would want to choose a car that would fit your taste and style.


One thing that will also determine a classic cars book value is its body style or car MAKE. Depending on which body style you want, car make is very important consideration.The car makes add up to Book values for classic cars. There is a lot or car makes to mention, from the most famous car brands to the most affordable ones.To name a few, we have Alfa Romeo, Arnolt-Bristol, BMW, Avanti, Auburn, Cadillac, Capri, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Cord, Hummer, Jaguar, Griffith, Fiat, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Shelby Automobiles, Schwarz, Honda, Kurtis, Davis, Prowler, Oakland, Volvo, Viper or also called Dodge, Volkswagen, Porsche, Tucker, Triumph, Nash, Nissan and a lot more. I bet you already have a car type in mind with all these information I gave you. The more famous car make is, the higher the book value will be.

Granting that you already have chosen a body style and a car make, the year the classic car is made is also one of the most important considerations in appraising Book values for classic cars. You may want to make an intensive research over the internet or by word of mouth from friends who may have acquaintances with someone who owns a classic car. It is but obvious that the older your car is the higher the book value becomes. Say, you have a 1947 Ferrari sports car. Definitely, this car is worth a fortune! Each car brand has its earliest year of manufacture. Like antiques, the longer you keep it, make sure its still working, the higher the book value will become. Another vital detail you shouldnt miss in appraising the book value of your classic car whether you are the buyer or the seller is its model and trim, like if your Ferrari is a 2 door Spider Allemano or a 2 door spider corsa. Another is you need to search for options and determine its used values.

All these need to be in mind in deciding Book values for classic cars. One you have all these cards in place, it would be easier for you to assess or appraise its book value. Whether you may want to buy one or you already possess one, knowing how much fortune you will earn or you already possess gives a feeling of awe and feel-good for your own self.

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